February 28, 2010

C.N. Blue vs. Ynot

The K-Pop scene has been plagued with controversies these days. The biggest one to date is the alleged plagiarism done by the newcomer C.N. Blue of their debut single 'I'm a Loner', of Ynot's 'Bluebird'.

The news is widespread over the internet. There were even reports that Ynot is planning to take legal actions against the group.

FNC Music, C.N. Blue's agency, stated that the allegations were "unbelievable!" According to a post on allkpop, Ynot is not really after C.N. Blue. They clarified in a statement that they are trying to settle the issue "rationally and appropriately" with the composers of 'I'm a Loner', and that they have nothing against the band. They added that if they fail to settle the issue amicably, they would have to consider taking legal actions.

Several netizens have pointed out the distinct similarities of the two songs. A video uploaded on YouTube even played the songs at the same time. According to the same post on allkpop, it was not Ynot who brought up the plagiarism allegations, but the netizens.

Here's the YouTube video, courtesy of imuyachan:

Allegations of plagiarism is almost commonplace in the K-Pop business. It may sound like it's not serious, but the people in the K-Pop industry should find this alarming. Probably in its effort to come up with a sure hit, the composers turn to others for 'inspiration'. But there's a thin line between inspiration and imitation.

T'ara just released a new single called 'I Go Crazy Because of You' and the video uploaded on YouTube generated a lot of criticism. Mostly because the song sounded a lot like 'If You Seek Amy' and 'Womanizer', both by Britney Spears.

Let us all hope that FNC Music settles this quietly with Ynot, and that the agency will be more cautious with their song choices next time.

Read the full article in allkpop.com.

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