September 14, 2009

Super Girl - Super Junior M

Because innocent isn't going to post this --- i think he still can't get over Dara's Kiss MV --- I'm doing this.. 

Super Junior M's MV for Super Girl is finally out! It was released about a few hours ago!!!

My reaction when I saw this was OMG! ahahaha they looked soooo handsome! Nothing could go wrong if a guy wears a suit! kikiki ^^ Siwon no doubt was Super handsome! but what caught my eye in the video was Donghae and Hankyung (Hangeng), especially when he (Hankyung) transformed to the hot guy! :D ^^ The song is an upbeat one... but I noticed.. the dance steps they made looks  little like the steps in Rainism.. not really exactly similar.. but there was a part.. but I don't care! Oh and so I don't forget to mention... Jessica of SNSD is in the video.. she looks really pretty too!

Waaa this made my day!

**credits sment@youtube


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