October 18, 2009

2ne1 activities (i don't care, pretty boy, in the club)

after having the courage to write blog entries once more, here is my present for you all. these may seem old but i have truly enjoyed these performances.

2ne1 has successfully promoted their singles in the past months. it all started with fire which got awards. then came i don't care which was equally successful. but right before they stopped promoting, these girls really didn't fail to surprise me.

they performed an unplugged version of i don't care. there was no dancing. they just sat there and it was priceless.

just when i thought they were exiting, they performed a new song. we have actually heard of pretty boy before, they sang bits of it in their debut stage but they sang it full this time. another powerful performance from 2ne1.

a week after, they finally bid their goodbye with yet another song, in the club. sultry performance. i don't know with you but these girls are giving me great performances. they must be crazy for singing a different song with a different choreo yet again. but this proved how great they were.

2ne1 hwaiting!!! i miss them already. T.T

now here is a copy of the whole album. but it's better to have your original copy.

asianfanatics for the pics
21EVO2NE1, celestial24, CodeMonmonSeason3 @ youtube for the vids


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