September 8, 2009

NEWS: jaebum leaves 2pm

breaking news!

long time no see but it seems that i will be bringing a bad news. jaebum is leaving 2pm.

it is unfortunate that while i was away from kpop, a commotion like this happened. i'm really not sure on the cause but he is leaving and JYP has accepted it.

jaebum posted in their fancafe, "HOTTEST", his farewell.

Hello, I'm 2PM's JaeBum.
I'm sorry for giving you my last greeting through this letter.
I think it will be hard for me to see you all on stage because of my sorry heart.
I'm really sorry to everyone, and I'm even more sorry to the fans who have shown me love.
From today, I will leave 2PM.
2PM boys, I'm really sorry to the boys and I'm sorry I couldn't be strong as a leader and a hyung and have to leave like this.
However, I hope you will be more cool and charming.
Again, I'm sorry.

and his resignation was confirmed by JYP entertainment. they released, "We have discussed what was going to happen, and decided on the fact that Jae Bum will leave 2PM."

so there you go. goodbye jae. hope he will be happy by his decision.

what a shock!


just found out that jaebum was recently facing great criticisms from netizens because of comments he made in myspace about korea and its people. comments include "korea is gay", "i don't like koreans", just click on the image below to see for yourself. netizens were furious about these and even told him to go back to where he came from. but jae's comments were made in 2005. isn't this too old??? throwing stones from 4 years ago is just childish. too bad, jaebum couldn't handle it. well good luck to his future.

HOTTEST fancafe for the pics



  1. awww! that's so sad! I really liked 2pm :(

  2. 2pm is still existing. but i dont know how itll be without leader jae. sad