August 23, 2009

Picture of You MV from All About DBSK DVD

Hello everyone! I am breaking the hiatus! :D

Actually I was itching to do some blogging again as I haven't been blogging for a long time! We are truly sorry we haven't posted anything on this blog as our lives have been a little topsy turvy for the previous months. Like what Shiira said, we will try out very best to update our blog.

I’m sure most of you have heard about what happened to DBSK and SM entertainment. However I will not be posting anything about that news as it will make most of the Cassies sad. But from what I read in, the boys haven’t split up so girls don’t worry!!

And since many are sad because of the issues of DBSK , I am posting something that will make you smile! I found this video while I was looking for something good to post at on youtube. I think this may be posted on other sites a long time ago.. but I don’t care. I’m posting it because this blog hasn’t had any update in a long – and i mean long! – time! Also I’m posting it to ease the Cassies worries and to drool on the boys!

This is the video of Picture of You (Afterglow) from the All About DBSK DVD. It’s in High Definition! kikiki! If I am not mistaken this was the video shot in Saipan. The boys looked really really handsome in their summer outfits!! I think I've blabbered enough so here is the video. For the lyrics, click on this.

Keep the love!

credits: jaejoongiefied03@youtube


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