August 3, 2009

NEWS: DBSK and SM Ent.

August greeted me with much worry over the ongoing provisional disposition filed by the three members - Yoochun, Junsu and Jaejoong - regarding the suspension of their exclusive contracts. From issues of disbandment, chaos among the DBSK members among all others, I know that Cassies all over the world are worried sick as to how this particular hurdle in our life would end.

I've read over several forums that we would know TODAY what the boys' decisions are. I just hope that everything would be back as before. I support them in their endeavors, all of Cassies are but until I hear the reassurance from them, the worry wouldn't go away. As Yoochunie always say, "Always keep the faith". And we will.

There are some really moving projects done by Cassies to reassure other Cassies about this ongoing issue between DBSK members and SM Ent. And these have made me teary-eyed, feeling what others feel and knowing how hard it is for all of us to see the boys going through all this. A big hug to all the Cassies who reached out and touched our hearts as well with their love and support for the band we love and going to love forever..

Messages from Cassiopeia to TVXQ - Any Cassie from any parts of the world can sign in and send their messages to the group as support and a sign of our love to them. The messages would be given to the group.

Korean Cassies trying to bind all Cassies and BigEasters by some reassuring clarifications regarding this issue right now. Take a read at this link.

And a sweet compilation of videos from fans to TVXQ at DNBN

Gosh, even if the issue is making me depressed since last week but these wonderful things that other Cassies are doing, I can't help but feel so proud that I am a Cassiopeia and loving every second I spend being part of this great family.


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