August 4, 2009

NEWS: SM Ent. airs out their side of the story

Finally, SM Ent. aired out their side of the story. I've been patiently waiting to hear their side out before declaring an all-out war since I firmly believe in giving them the "benefit of the doubt" and "not guilty unless proven otherwise". But alas, why is it that as I read it along, my anger level seemed to go up into the nether regions? Seriously, are you even thinking? The words you're saying doesn't make sense at all. Are you trying to lay the blame on the boys? Heck. What heartless bastards.

SM Entertainment’s refutation, “They made 11b KRW after debut”

SM Entertainment, with which Dong Bang Shin Ki member Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu has have a dispute with, came out to reveal their official stand.

SM Entertainment said on 3rd August, “Dong Bang Shin Ki has earn 11billion KRW from after their debut till 2009 July (dividend payout 9.2 billion KRW + beforehand provision 1.77 billion KRW). Also they also received many high-end foreign products in the process even though SM Entertainment was suffering from a business deficit in the 4 years after the group’s debut. And even though there is a distributive ratio, they would have raised it with proftis from their endorsement in CFs, doing events and also photoshoots.”

And about how the 3 members have said that they were given unjust treatment, SM Entertainment said, “About their health and schedule, we have discussed them before they were put through it.”

And about the cosmetic enterprise, SM said, “Looking at this case, this holds substantial reasons to it. It is evident since there is only 3 members involved in this case. They wanted to reduce the loss of image and harm to them as soon as possible with this plan as they will be used for the enterprise in terms of having their images used as part of marketing and also to participate in events for the enterprise.”

Also, “According to the Fair Trade commission, there is no provision saying that singers cannot be signed for beyond a period of 7 years, and there is no exceptional provision limiting the contract of singers promoting overseas. We did amendments to the exclusive rights clause for 5 times after the contract was contracted, 2 times were to address the compensation of loss, and after checking and confirmation by the Fair Trade Commission. The rest of the 3 times were to address the profits distribution ratio and for renewal – in 2004 January, then in 2007 February and 2009 February.”

SM “We will solve this case with the 3 members regarding the application for retractile in the contract and the lawsuit confrontation as soon as possible.”

Source: K Bites
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The issue now has ballooned into something even bigger and its rearing its ugly head for everyone to see. The scene is really not nice to see and I don't want to think of what could be going on behind the scenes right now. My heart aches as I read about other people's(I don't want to think of them as their fans) thoughts saying really nasty things about Yunho and Changmin's silence between the ensuing legal battle between SM and JaeChunSu. I couldn't help really but feel depressed that some people are so desperate to make everything a little less confusing by pointing at Yunho and Changmin - blaming them for not taking part and what pains me really is that they even go to such length as to say that the reason why Homin is not taking part because they don't want to risk their career if things got worse. That if ever the worst of the lot did come to pass, at least the two of them would still have even something going for them since "we" all know that they're not exactly as talented as the other three and thus going solo doesn't bode well for them. When I read it, I don't know if I would get angry and start throwing things or cry out of frustration or froze out of shock. I just couldn't believe that some "fans" are thinking of that right now and even would start comparing the five of them and even labeling Yunho-especially Changmin- as ones who have the least going for them.

This whole issue is getting nastier and is breaking the red ocean apart. It is attacking at the very core of what we all call our great family, and eating away the foundation that we've built out of love for them. We love the band(aside from their great voices)not because we love Junsu's silliness or Jaejoong adorkable random self or Yoochun's sleazy sexy vibe or Yunho's powerful dance moves or Changmin's inhuman range pitches or UFO replies. We love them because they create such beautiful music together. It's a collective effort on all their part and all of them worked hard to create that music together, that atmosphere together for all of their fans. I think it's totally unfair how others try to break them apart by labeling some as "not equally talented" as opposed to the "really talented" members. We have all heard that despite the rumors, there's really no thoughts amongst them of disbanding and YET those so-called "fans" are the ones who are breaking them apart.

I'm feeling depressed right now and angry - as evidenced by the long post, I think the longest so far aside from the movie reviews - and I've never felt so helpless. Call me a crazy fangirl, of which I wouldn't even dream of denying, but I am one proud crazy fangirl who's got her admiration in the right place and aimed at the right people. I just hope that within Cassiopeia, BigEast and the international fans club as well, there would be no doubt of the solidarity we have at these hard times. Let us not weaken ourselves anymore than we already are. Lets always keep the faith going, no matter how hard it is, no matter how many times we feel like succumbing to the pressure. Lets continue to believe and hope for the best.

Miduhyo, yeongwonhi DBSK!


  1. junsu's silliness???? i have always admired his voice. the silliness is just a plus.

    fyi. dbsk's songs are making it in the top 100 downloads in korean fan cafe's (Daum) i think. and it is not just one but more like 10 or about that number. this only proves that the fans are supporting the group all through out.

    cheer up fan girl. wahihihi

  2. i just pointed out junsu's silliness because we all know how great his voice is already, the reason why he's a singer duh..hehe

    yeah it's in daum's top downloads. i think cassies like me are feeling sentimental these days and as usual their music makes everything feel right.

    im so happy of the fans overwhelming support but can't help but feel murderous to those who call themselves 'fans' but have these nasty thoughts at the back of their head.

  3. don't murder me for my nasty thoughts. don't spoil you hands with my dirty blood.... wahihihi