August 1, 2009

stand by u (sweet room version) of dbsk

we are on a slump recently and it is even hard to make a post. i just got no time at all. waaaah... the dilemma of a young professional.

tiny's bday passed and she demanded a post but i couldn't do it. i have lots to do in a very hectic schedule. i couldn't even dare to open the blog. but after finally having the courage to touch anything asian and maybe loose all the very short spare time i have, i found out that news is spreading about our dbsk boys. a lawsuit was filed by jaejoong, junsu, and yoochun against sm entertainment. apparently, it has something to do with their contracts. i'm not sure with the details so i'll leave this up to my fellow moderators in here. (*pokes at shiira and tiny*).

now this entry is about the new mv of "stand by u" titled sweet room last love version or just simply sweet room version. it cannot be found in any gp sharing sites. hmmm... and it was rated 18+ by the uploader. hmmm... this got me interested. i saw the video and then i knew why. intense and steamy, changmin loved this for sure.

before i spill the beans, please see the link below. you have to register to dailymotion for this. and you have to be over 18 to view the video.


asianfanatics for the pic
kenchanayo @ dailymotion for the video



  1. unsa ni birthday post for me???
    ehehe i didn't know about the dbsk thingy not until shiira told me last night... sighs.. my schedules a little busy and hectic so mianheyo... cannot post something...

    comment sa vid... nice ang close ups sa guys.. ehehe :D steamy jud cya.. wahahaha

  2. im still not over the issue yet.but fellow cassies are very much helping me cope with this issue.

    there's gonna be a presscon later today by the boys themselves to settle all the rumors that's circulating right now.

    the apprehension is killing me.always keep the faith.

  3. do you have the video of sweet room - last love? (not tvxq version)

  4. do you have the video of sweet room - last love? (not TVXQ version)