October 24, 2009

beast with bad girl MV and music bank debut 20091016

as i have said earlier, october is full of testosterone. wahahaha... here is another boy group which debuted this month.

this groups is quite weird. they started with the name b2st (boys to search the top) and named their album beast is the b2st. but then later on, they changed the group name to beast. i don't know the logic behind it now. but somehow, their logo can be read as both beast and b2st -- e and a was placed side by side and resembles a 2. cryptic. wahaha.

though the name is confusing, the talent is not. the group has familiar faces in it from past group fail-outs (sorry for the term but i just don't know another word), to past solo artist. meet the members below.

ki kwang - aka AJ, the former solo artist

dong woon

doo joon [leader] - candidate of one day before it splitted to 2AM and 2PM

yo seob

hyun seung - candidate member for big bang

jun hyeong

their debut album's title track, bad girl, is quite catchy and clean. incredible singers indeed. not bad for starters but not my favorite though. this group is another baby of our moderator tiny, but i'm not quite ready to join the bandwagon yet. wahahha. very good MV though. here is the song.



debut performance in music bank 2009-10-16

now if you loved it, have it here. but your copy to show your love.

asianfanatics for the pics
urasiansourceKpop @ youtube


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