October 18, 2009

snsd montage of tell me your wish (genie)

this long hiatus surely prohibited us from posting (duhr, what does hiatus mean). so i will be posting things i enjoyed during that break.

i really enjoyed the genie performance by snsd. it has come to the point where i waited for them in every music show and get disappointed if they don't perform. those legs were surely addictive. they also have lots of costumes in their closet: waited for them to show more skin. ooops... since it would be impossible to share all of the videos, good thing someone made a compilation. and i wanna share my addiction to you all.


now if you liked this as much as i did, you can have a copy of it in here. but it would be best to buy the album.

asianfanatics for the pics
BadGurlzWorld@youtube for the video


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