October 25, 2009

ss501 with love like this

now triple s must have long anticipated for this comeback. after about a year and 7 months hiatus performing as 5 members, ss501 is back with a vengeance.

ok let's stop the intro, love like this is showing a new side of the group. somehow, they are ready to take mature images. they grew. oh my, this is the new trend in korea i think. have you realized that all the comebacks have a mature feel to it??? oh my.

hyunjoong, kyujung, youngsaeng, hyungjoon, and kyumin are back with a great beat. by only comment so far is their engrish. sorry guys but i can't help but smile on how they say 'love'. and to think that they say it a million times over in the song. other than this, it is but great. tiny should be able to give more insights on this, i just don't know why she is still on hiatus in this blog. hmmm....

enjoy the comeback stage and MV teaser!!!

MV is not yet released so here is the teaser.

comeback performance in music core 2009-10-24

comeback performance in inkigayo 2009-10-24

asianfanatics for the pics
urasiansourceKpop, ListenKpop, codemonmonseason3 @ youtube


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