October 25, 2009

taeyang in inkigayo with where u at

i don't know with you guys but this is freakin' awesome. yuhooo... so hot! love it to the max.

taeyang performed where u at in inkigayo as promised. this is a one time performance definitely not to be missed. i'm speechless after seeing the performance. great stage presence, the steps are very sharp. wow. drooling...

if this is just a sample performance of what's gonna come then what a hell of a comeback it must be. this is not even it; the title track, wedding dress, will be out this november and by then it would be a full blast of promotions. i can't wait anymore.

performance in inkigayo 2009-10-25

see the MV of this in

taeyang with where u at

and you can have your own in here, but be sure to buy the album later on.

asianfanatics for the pics
codemonmonseason3 @ youtube


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