April 13, 2009

dbsk and gospellers with "towa ni"



this performance is quite an old one taken during their time in Soul Power. tohoshinki has always idolized gospellers, they have said so many times how they liked their songs during interviews. the boys must have been very very happy when they performed on the same stage with their idols. so much respect is displayed by the two groups as they perform.

gospellers is a five-membered group, and so is tohoshinki; i've got to warn you that it was a bit messy during the adlibs by the end. nonetheless, the performance was still great.

here is tohoshinki and gospellers with towa ni (eternally).



from caryncyh @ bww2 forums

Futari wo tsunagu ito ga mietara ii ne to
Me wo tojita hohoemi wo ima mo oboeteru

Katachi no nai mono nara koware wa shinai to
Dakishimeta nukumori ga nokoru yo

Anata no kaze ni natte subete wo tsutsunde agetai
Haruka toki wo koete sore wa towa ni koko kara

Mou nido to hanarenai dakiai chikatta
Ano yoru no amaoto ga kikoeta

Anata no kaze ni natte subete wo tsutsunde agetai
Mune ni hibiku koe ga sore wa towa ni toki ga tomaru made

Aitakute aenai yoru omoi wo sora ni hirogete
Tonde yuku yo soba ni iru yo
Onaji kimochi de iru nara

Anata no kaze ni natte subete wo tsutsunde agetai
Tooku haruka tooku sore wa towa ni todoku yo

Anata no kaze ni natte subete wo tsutsunde agetai
Itsumo itsu no hi ni mo sore ga boku no kotae sa

Anata no soba de (ima anata no soba ni)
Kaze ni natte (tada anata no tame ni)
Tsutsunde agetai (zutto futari no ai wo )
Tooku (mou hanasanai )
Anata dake wo (anata wo sore wa towa ni)
Towa ni (saa itoshii hito yo)

Ima anata no soba ni
Tada anata no tame ni
Zutto futari no ai wo
Dakishimeraretara mou hanasanai
Anata wo sore wa towa ni
Saa itoshii hito yo
Itoshii hito yo...


from FreeSpongebob and Melo20

Without you here
I can't eat
I can't sleep
I can't even breathe without you
I need you
I need to be close to you
to have you, to hold you
I just wanna be where you are
Let me love you

I still remember the time
When you closed your eyes and said this with a smile
"I wish we could see the connecting red thread
Between you and me just like the legend"

The warmth when I embraced you, saying
"We know something immaterial never breaks"
Still linges on

I want to be the wind around you
To wrap your everything for you
Through all the flow of time
It's gonna last eternally
Starting from here

"We will never be apart"
We swore arms in arms
I just heard the raining sounds of that night

I want to be the wind around you
To wrap your everything for you
The voice echoing is gonna last
Until the end of time

On the nights I miss you but I just can't see you
I will spread my love in the sky
To fly to where you are
I'll be right by your side
If you feel the same

I want to be the wind around you
To wrap your everything for you
Longer, far longer
We're gonna be together eternally

I want to be the wind around you
To wrap your everything for you
Any day, any single day
That's my answer for you

By your side (Now I'm by your side)
I become the wind (I'm here just for you)
Just want to wrap you (Our love will always stay)
(Once I got our love in my arms)
To the distance (Never let you go)
I embrace only you in my arms
(It's gonna last eternally)
Eternally (Come on my dear)

Now I'm by your side
only for you
Our love will always stay
Once I got our love in my arms
And I never let you go
It's gonna last eternally
Come on my dear

My dear...

flyingfatpigs @ youtube for the video
jmignited.com and cosmichosu for the pics



  1. the gospellers are amazing.they really are.
    the version Tohoshinki did of this is tear-jerking in its awesomeness.especially the acapella.

    @innocent, yeah it was a bit messy but it was kinda expected since its hard to harmonize 10 people.hehe but a great performance nonetheless.im so proud looking at my boys(especially changmin doing his diva hand gestures) that it makes me teary-eyed.*sniff

  2. so that is called a diva hand gesture... wahihihi... i'll be using that term from now on. wahihihi...

    well, since you started it on the previous entry, i posted this dream come true. though it was realized long ago. wahihihi

  3. my favorite boys :D
    love the performance.. except the end part.. but its understandable...