April 30, 2009

2pm in 'inkigayo' 20090426 with "again & again"

and here comes the promotions once again... just when you thought that no promotions will happen, this entry pops up. wahahaha. seriously, this group is full of characters. you should see them in their various guesting and maybe you will understand. they are great dancers seriously... they have yet to mature in their singing though, but given the right songs like this one, they will soar. i think... wahihihi... (i have used "seriously" twice already so i better stop).

see the live performance for their comeback below; this one is in inkigayo. seriously, you should watch and leave comments... this must really be serious for me to use the same word over and over... wahihhihi

see the lyrics in 2pm with "again and again"

asianfanatics.com for the pictures
liebefur @ youtube.com for the video



  1. with your recent promotions of 2pm, I think you're the one who is smitten with Kim Junsu..hahaha

  2. sorry but it is not kim junsu. wahihihihi....