April 25, 2009

JDRAMA: zettai kareshi (absolute boyfriend)

mizushima hiro (水嶋ヒロ)

aibu saki (相武紗季)

hayami mokomichi (速水もこみち)
俺は如何してロボト何でしょうか(ore wa doushite roboto nan deshouka)?-"why am i a robot?"
these are the words of tenjo night as he gained a sense of self. these words made me write this entry.

zettai kareshi (絶対彼氏) is a japanese drama which started airing in april 2008. i was already in japan that time and i looked forward each week for every episode. i watched the subbed version so please don't get me wrong; i'm not good in japanese at all. ^_^

the drama started when a robot maker has finally developed a male humanoid programmed to love and stay loyal to his lover. in order to test before introducing to the public, the company chose izawa riiko (aibu saki) to take part in a limited days free trial period. she was asked to answer questionnaires as to what traits her ideal lover would have. and true to the company's words, the ideal robot/boyfriend, tenjo night (hayami mokomichi), was born and delivered right at her doorsteps. it was weird at the start, a human-appliance-kind-of-relationship, but she can't back out of the contract. at after five days of trial, she was somehow smitten by tenjo's warmth. then enters in the love triangle izawa's boss, asamoto soshi (mizushima hiro), who have had feelings for her from the start.

you might have already guessed how this series would end, but you will never know how many buckets you will shed (hyperbole in use). how far will the characters go for the one they love??? which road would they choose in order to be truly happy??? it is better if you find the answers to these yourselves.

i sure had lots of fun watching and learning as the characters realize what they truly treasure the most so i hope you enjoy it too.

the series has 11 episodes + a special. all of which can be seen in dramacrazy or in mysoju, just choose your poison.

credits to asianfanatics.com for the pictures.



  1. The special was really the best episode, like a FINAL ... better than the final episod though'. ^^'

    Aibu saki is wonderful ...
    [ they all are -_-' ]


    i love the sentence: choose your poison =P

  2. i watched the special yesterday and yeah, this entry is the result of that. i need to share what i saw. wahihihi

  3. i havent finished this.hahaha and you know what? my life sucks bigtime already..i cant watch videos anymore.huhuhuhu plugins not working in linux..

  4. its already working..ahahaha im soo good..hehehe blowing my own horn here. :P

  5. kanang.. gwapo kaayo c hayami mokomichi... hahaha..

  6. wahahaha...

    @joan - you should say it in english so everyone could understand..

    @shiira - suge....

  7. waaaaaa i miss blogging!!! im soooooo busy these days!

    ahaha.. i saw this 2 sundays ago... this is the best episode!! bbut i'm a bit sad since no more NIGHT!

    hayami mokomichi = YUM! wahahaha

  8. and mizushima hiro and ayaka are married na diay :D ehehehe

  9. yeah hayami is sizzling hot...uu @joan..GWAPO JUD XA...hahahaha

  10. yeah hayami is so hot...@joan GWAPO JUD KAAYO SI HAYAMI...hehehe nd his half like us...weeeee