July 10, 2009

2ne1 with MV for "i don't care" and debut in music bank 20090710

good timing. i checked on youtube and to my surprise, an MV was out... a full write up was made by shiira on this song days before. visit it in here -> 2NE1(투애니원) with its 1st Mini Album. lyrics can also be found in there.

now let's talk on the video. it was pretty cool. the girls get to display some dramatics. some angst but not too much though. but i honestly don't know how they'll gonna perform it live. there is quite a minimal amount of dancing involved but there is drama instead... hmmm. looking forward. go 2ne1!!!

note: i was seriously wondering earlier but to my surprise they have just performed it live.

enjoy the video!!!

now here is the live performance in music bank. when i was just wondering how the live performance might look earlier, it was right away granted. pretty cute performance but there are still room for improvements. i know they will improve.

oh no, this is the third edit for this blog entry. maybe i should search more closely. i have found the other song they performed for their debut. the song was "pretty boy". performance was superb. but the boys were not pretty. wahihihi... go dara...

SNSDBigBangDBSK2PM, prot0980 @ youtube
asianfanatics.com for the pics


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