July 7, 2009

Changmin endorsement for Colonize

It seems I'm on a roll today with my posts..hehe Promise, this is gonna be the last. I've got tons of work left to do,so...

I can't resist this smexy baby of mine..Come on, Changmin..Seduce me..

*dies,rolling on the floor, nose bleeding

That is Changmin for you...

Credits: sharingyoochun


  1. hahaha

    'insomnia' this song is my new OBSESSION xD
    it's been like 2 weeks that 'she' doesn't want to GOOO out of my head.

    it made me laugh because before coming at chipskjaa i posted it on Facebook ^^
    ( my sentense is all wrong but you can understand the meaning xD )



  2. wahahha... my heart flutters when GG posts a comment...

    GG is the avid fan. wahihihi

  3. @GG

    it's forever on repeat on my music player..hehe i swear if this keeps up, i might definitely have insomnia for god knows how long...

    *sings feels like insomnia ah ah ah

  4. Hahahaha LMFAO

    i AM the avid fan, that's right ^^
    but i'm amazed because we have exactly the SAME taste =D

    Please keep going like this =)

    And, i'm just posting it to have some support : http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=101215321862&ref=mf

    ( in english it means : we want super junior to perform in FRANCE =) )

    héhéhé ..
    i'm also going to have insomnia ( Genie/ insomnia/ it's you/ call me ... T_T )
    and Dexter.

    GG loves YOU

  5. and she admits it... wow wow..

    i'm so loving genie and hate you right now...
    and im gonna spread that love around. wahihihi...

    oh if super junior does come to france, be sure to buy a ticket and take lots of pictures and share them... wahihihi