July 19, 2009

Super Show II Pictures

I was browsing the Super Junior thread in soompi for pictures and I found a lot of goodies from the Super Show II. I also found some photos from their press conference for the concert! (Sorry no Kibum in the concert)

I will not be posting all of the photos, just some photo's I like! ehehehe... but I'm sharing a link which has the compilation of all the photos I got... :D



Hankyung - with his new hair

Sungmin / Kangin



Eunhyuk - with his new hair

There are more pictures... especially solo pictures but I think it's too many to post, just click on this link for the folder :D

**credits as tagged + 3rd super junior thread@soompi (esp those who posted the pictures :))



  1. kyaaaa!!!!omo,omo,omo,teukie-ya!!!!!

    and hyukie why are you gettting so damn adorable huh? gah,hyukie with the red hair and the liner rocks bigtime

    *smacks a kiss to teukie as well. :D

  2. i should have patterned my hairstyle to that of hyukie..hehe BUT i should have a stylist too. I'm tired of this hair already(with the sidebangs and all).huhuhu