July 1, 2009

Tohoshinki's 28th Japanese single: Stand By U Official Release TODAY

Finally its July 1. And Tohoshinki's 28th Japanese single is officially released today after much anticipation from their huge fanbase.
Tohoshinki – Stand by U
28th singl
Release date: 2009.07.01
Record label: rhythm
Genre: J-pop
Info: Wikipedia

Purchase it: HMV

01 Stand by U

02 Tea for Two
03 Sky
04 Stand by U 〜Luv Behind The MLD mix〜
05 Stand by U (Less Vocal)
06 Tea for Two (Less V

This single is a must-have for Toho fans and also for those who just want something good to listen to this summer. I personally recommend the first track Stand by U. The lyrics is just soooo sad, that this definitely goes in my repeat-list along with Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni natte shimattan darou(Why Have I Fallen for You). I still have to listen to a full length and HQ of Tea for Two but this coming from Tohoshinki, I bet it is nothing but perfect. Hope they do well in the Oricon..

Of course, a singles release would not be complete without a message from the boys right?

Note: These are exclusive for BigEast version releases.


trans: the song this time is a mellow love song.
please feel this man's pain.
please support stand by u!!!


trans:  one of the best songs in the world for me.
everyone, please feel the love in stand by u.


trans:  please look forward to a-nation ^^
always thankful to everyone


trans:  soon it will be summer ^^
although its hot, let's enjoy and have fun!! ^^


trans:  many came to the tour and to that, thank you so much.
on the big stage singing with everyone, having the same feeling with everyone...
it made me really happy!

Another freebie for BigEast

Wow,those are really great shots. Times like this, I sincerely wish I was a BigEaster too.hehe

Countdown to Tokyo Dome: 3days


*Stand by U pic and single details

From: Linh (linhkawaii)
Credit: music_mind@LJ
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

*for BigEast card-type pics of Tohoshinki: [blog.naver.com/breakupshell]

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