July 2, 2009

Stand by U ranks 2nd on Oricon Daily Charts

Tohoshinki's 28th Japanese single, Stand By U, ranks second on Oricon Daily Charts with a total sales of 94838. They come in second to Johnny's Arashi which garnered the top spot with an astounding first day sales of 135053. But this is something that shouldn't sadden Tohoshinki/DBSK's fans. Knowing how popular Arashi is in Japan and that Tohoshinki and Avex opted not to move the release date of their single to avoid a clash with JE's boys proved that Tohoshinki is finally able to win over a lot of Japanese with their music. They certainly are strong
and more than good enough to take Arashi head-on. And getting the second spot was way too great for words.

DBSK Hwaiting! Toho,Toho, Fighto!

credits: http://www.oricon.co.jp/rank/js/d/


  1. and they managed to sell that much... it's an accomplishment... rank doesn't matter really. wahihihi

  2. @innocent

    yep that's what im thinking..still getting a rank and selling that much is more than what I have hoped for..Number 1 in the Oricon is just a reach away..truly theyve been doing miracles..

  3. hey, have you seen pictures of the subway posters? i need to go there. wahahha...

  4. @innocent

    you mean the sbu posters at omotesando? yep i've seen them..but it's better if you go and take pics yourselves..what's the use of your being there in japan,huh?hehe

  5. did i say i don't like to??? i do love to but i don't know if i can.

  6. of course you can! if i were there, i would have taken pics already..excuses...excuses..

    you have all the time when it comes to touring to other places but how can you not take pics of THEM???

    *i'll tell su about this..you must be cheating on him already..hehehe remember his motto: love me,you live.cheat on me, you die.hahaha

  7. wahahahha...

    oh please don't tell su about it. wahihihi.. do they have the posters in yokohama?? i have to go there this saturday...

    oh su don't kill me.


  8. are you asking ME???? am i in japan? go figure it out..better yet, go find out..:)

    *tsk tsk.."su i think i have to tell you this.you see, innocent is...." ,says shiira.

  9. *innocent is cute and innocent.*
    - thanks shiira

  10. woah..filling in the blanks with wrong entries eh? let me call on the power of the micstand and let the micstand spill the beans..just imagine su's reaction to these juicy details..and i think some evidences can be seen within this blog itself..*evil laugh

  11. oh no... don't dig the blog entries...
    please... please... pretty please. ahihihi

  12. aha..you exposed yourself already..go on su..follow his instructions..dig the blog entries..its somewhere within the june entries..*oops

  13. *recovering

    that was close. wahihihi

  14. resting my case doesn't mean it has ended..just felt that there's nothing more i can add..it's up to su to dig and dig within the entries...

    *shiira calls,"
    hey su, i think this is the post "2pm with hate you"..i saw something worth looking into.."

  15. i cant stop laughing and choked.
    you are killing me... waaaah...

  16. funny kaau mong duha! :D
    my student told me that to be in the top 10 in the oricon chart is a big feat!
    kay mga 3000 plus man daw ang kanta na irelease kada month diha!
    so kudos to the guys! :D
    most of the ones who are in the oricon charts are considered idols!
    tohoshinki! :D

  17. the guys are great in the recently concluded first day at the DOME...of course, toho/dbsk are truly impressive..:D they make us proud each time..and now, its the DOME baby..they've conquered the DOME...toho,toho,fighto!dbsk hwaiting!!!

    changmin-ah!!! *insert lang..hehe

  18. guys, i just came from yokohama... and guesss what??? i bought a yukata/kimono... i can't believe me...