July 4, 2009

Firefly - Ariel Lin (with Siwon and Donghae)

Like I've said time and again, the member I really adore is Choi Siwon. So smexy and so handsome! Recently, Siwon and Donghae (who ranks third on my list kikikiki) were featured in Ariel Lin's Music Video "Firefly". The video was released this week and I found one that had subtitles! yay!

Ariel Lin is my favorite Taiwanese actress. She's really good and she can play different personalities really well. It Started with a Kiss is on of my favorite Taiwanese dramas. Nobody can do justice to Xiang Qin's character the way she does! Aside from being an actress, this girl also has a very sweet voice. I love hearing her sing. Lonely Northern Hemisphere, the theme from another on of her dramas Love Contract, is one of my favorites.

This time, she releases a new song called Firefly. The song is a bittersweet number. The music video of the song features Choi Siwon and Lee Donghae. The music video is a really sad one. I felt my heart being broken to pieces - I'm such a sucker for these kind of songs! wahahaha.. The two guys were really cute here! I'd better stop before I go crazy! :D

**credits iswakfansubs@youtube


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