May 4, 2009

Battle of the Pop: Asia vs Asia

Congratulations to SUPER JUNIOR for winning Channel V's Battle of the Pop: Asia vs Asia.

Catch them on Videoscope on SATURDAY, May 23rd 8.20pm HK, 9.20pm MAL.

Credits: Channel V


  1. yay! ahahaha :D i will be watching this...
    sayang dili dbsk.. then again its suju!

  2. i stand on neutral ground...hehehe but i literally jumped and howled like crazy when i heard rising sun being played during one of the scenes in fast &furious...hahaha i didn't care about the movie..i was only after rising sun..lolz

  3. that was out of topic but hey, let it slide this once ok? :D

  4. and i thought this banner is not coming..