June 13, 2009

2PM performing Again and Again and I Hate You

Innocent likes 2PM.. but since he hasn't been posting anything on this blog... I'm posting this instead... maybe he can post the lyrics for this :D

I am slowly liking 2PM.. but before I did not notice them that much because they were overshadowed by my liking Super Junior (because at the time they launched Again and Again I was Sorry Sorry crazy.. wahahaha). 

But after watching today’s Music Core, I liked the new song they are promoting and that’s why I’m posting it here. According to some article I read somewhere, the guys have started promotions for their new song called I Hate You. Their first performance was in the MNet countdown last Thursday where they performed both Again and Again and I hate You. This is the video from that performance.

I’m not very familiar with the boys yet… so I’m sorry I cannot give much comment… well maybe except Nichkhun — he looked really cute! ahahahaha.. I think innocent has to be the one to comment on the boys!

And here is their performance on today's Music Core.

**credits  elaisfangirl and CodeMonmonSeason2@youtube



  1. wow wow... it feels good to influence people to like what you like... wahahhaa...

    what time is it now????

    its 2pm.


  2. ahaha i'm getting first hand tutorials from innocent on who 2pm are! :D
    but i like their new song...

  3. i haven't heard any of 2pm's songs..hehe but my sister is addicted to again and again..i have become a bad influence at home..my parents are already complaining cause day and night, our room is blaring with Jpop or Kpop..haha

    i thot there wouldn't be any new post when i checked today cause i would bug innocent to death to post something..hehe

    you're not posting any pics from the TSC tour..and to think you're in Japan..how ...*fill in the blank

  4. @shiira,
    you meant to say how cute right??? thanks.. you barely give me compliments. wahihihi

  5. nope..don't give any misconstrued presumptions on my comment above.how incompetent was playing on my mind at that time..hahaha i was just a little laidback today so i didn't finish that sentence..:P

  6. @shiira.. i made this post over the weekend... ehehe so i didn't know you were planning on bugging him about it! you should have told me! ahaha so we can both bug him! wahaha