June 27, 2009

girl's and boy's generation(2am, shinee, super junior, 2pm) in music bank 20090626

woooot wooo... this was pretty good... so fun to watch... i can't believe it but they did performed this song... bravo... jokwon of 2am, key of shinee, shindong, yesung, eunhyuk and sungmin of super junior and jaebum, nichkhun and taecyeon of 2pm performed gee. and they wore skinnies to top it. wahihihi... and of course the real girl's generation(snsd) came and performed... wahihihi...

here are the parts i liked:
  • it was fun watching taecyeon transform from an angry beast in hate you to a cutesy-all-smiles in gee. he was so enjoyable to watch.
  • sungmin had great singing.. woah... hands down... and he was sick...
  • eunhyuk danced great... weee... he can dance anything.
  • taeyeon was again great... can't believe i haven't noticed her before...
watch the epic performance below.


codemonmonseason2 @ youtube.com



  1. i loved it! ahahahaha...
    sungminnie so ke ai!

  2. it was fun watching taecyeon and jaebeom also! wahahaha... so different!