June 25, 2009

super junior and snsd in music travel LALALA 20090624

super junior and snsd guested on the show singing covers-- they even sang each other's songs. upon knowing that, i was pretty excited. and now a day after the broadcast, youtube links are available... wooot... great fans, so passionate in sharing what they love...

super junior doing a "gee" - with slow songs, i have appreciated their voices more. hmmm... these boys are not only dance after all... great job!

snsd with "sorry sorry" - if super junior did a gee, naturally sorry sorry must be the counterpart. they have done a good job too... done with class! go taeyeon!!!

kyuhyun, donghae, taeyeon and jessica with "way back into love" - pretty good english. but donghae should learn to pronounce it better. such a sweet rendition.

sungmin and snsd doing beautiful girl and honey honey - it is more like snsd featuring sungmin, he had such a short role. quite fun but i'm not familiar with the songs.

kyuhyun, ryeowook and yesung with "she" - bravo kyuhyun, you are going up my list. though i hate to admit it, i only understood kyuhyun's lyrics. ryeowook still has room for improvements and sorry yesung fans but it is hard to decipher what he was saying. nice voices though.

super junior with "a falling star" - sweet voices... nice guitar by sungmin. i don't understand the korean so i'm not really sure what it was about. is it on lost love???

sungmin and sunny with "falling slowly" - the more i hear this song, the more i like it. sungmin is so skillful with the guitar... such a gem. and sunny blended well... woah...

now if you liked the above, you can download the audio in here.
Kyuhae+Taesica-Way back into love
SJ- A falling Star
Sungmin and Sunny-falling slowly

pr13ansj, urnobody911 @ youtube.com



  1. thanks for the download links!!!! gosh super busy at work..hehehe

  2. thank you =)

    Falling star (L)

    have a GREAT day !

    GG. =)

  3. waaaaah
    im loving this!
    @innocent - i love the song you posted for the blog! :D

  4. @innocent - the song beautiful girl is from the OST of 200 pounds of beauty... and honey honey is from the mama mia ost...

  5. @tiny,

    the one kim ah-joong sang? im a beautiful girl, a beautiful girl.....hehe

  6. @shiira - yes that's exactly the one :D