June 1, 2009

9095 dbsk solo dance during the secret code tour

due to a demand by an admin, here are the individual dances of "9095". the dance was taken in the various locations of "the secret code" tour.

author's warning:
keep cool... stay away from flamables... stay away from breakable materials... and as the above picture suggests, don't get crazy





junsu closeup



yunho closeup

mrsjungyunho1789, seangel427, dreamsxxdbsk, farahyuchun1, TyaLeE6 @ youtube



  1. @innocent,
    i have this feeling that it's me you're referring above.hehehe so bad..there's no changmin close-up..i want it close..closer..closer..:D

    huh, i am so getting jealous with the mic stand..hehe

  2. shiira, what will you do if you were the mic stand????

  3. waaahhhh i hate your question..hehehe

    of course, i..will..do...some..crazy...stuffs...to..them..hehehe
    *getting pervy all of a sudden

  4. mind to share some of those pervy stuffs??? hmmmm

  5. go make yours..hahaha

    oh shoot,i'm getting shy all of a sudden..rofl

  6. hmmm.... this is getting more interesting.... what would a shiira mic stand do if jaejoong was to dance in front... or if a junsu would dance... much more if a changmin would dance???? do you think the shiira mic stand can still stand???? wahahhaha

  7. *all thoughts grind to a halt

    if jaejoong would dance *flashback to the pic of jae during the mkmkf perf @ sharingyoochun
    i don't think i would still be called a mic stand. it would bend looking at the..hehehe

    if junsu would be the one dancing *flashback to mirotic tour
    then the mic would grow hands and tie junsu

    IF changmin would dance, *flashback to all changmin hot and cutie moments
    the micstand would totally cease to exist, grow hands,gets rope,ties changmin up, hoist him over my shoulder,carries him home and rapes him..hahahaha

    omg,is that the micstand talking????

  8. wahahaha... this is so funny.... the mic stand would grow hands and bring changmin home and rapes him... oh no... and i repeated the phrase... hope tiny does not read this, she would be at rage of the words you are now using...

    the micstand will cause trouble and rape poor innocent changmin... i wonder how a micstand will do that....

    will the micstand answer once more...

  9. omg the micstand is typing again..hehe

    firstly, poor and innocent doesn't go well with changmin..hehe he is far from those adjectives.

    as to how a micstand will do those above, i leave it all to your limitless imagination. hope it stays in the PG regions.:D

  10. a micstand is something long and hard... hope those adjectives will not be put to use... poor changmin if it were...


    staying innocent...

  11. *trying desperately to stay in the PG regions.hehe

    no matter how much i wanted to comment on those two adjectives posted by innocent,i'll keep the pervy micstand at bay.

    this is shiira typing.

    to end this outrageous comment turned chat, please add in your own words your reaction when you saw a close fancam of junsu dancing 9095.

    please use our own language to give further emphasis.don't worry, we will translate it to several languages so that other may understand and appreciate..rofl

  12. ill give you an archive of our conversation when i first introduced the video to you. this was last sunday. just so you can remember... tiny, ill give you a hint....

    it starts with 'k' and is a 6 letter word in our language. and in english, it starts with a 'd' or a 'y'...

    *start of black mail*

  13. @tiny
    you don't have to think long and hard... ooops.... those words again...

  14. @tiny
    but i think you need to think long and hard and even dig deeper for you remember it. :D

    omg, the micstand had gotten hold of the keyboard and started typing those words..gomen ne? hehe

  15. innocent! shiira! ahaha i think i know what the K word is!!! ahaha no need to remind me :D
    they are soooo smexy! :D

    @shiira control yourself!
    @ innocent - palaaway jud ka!

    ** sorry i can't comments all the time.. sigh...