June 22, 2009

JDRAMA: love shuffle

is this person i am with, the right one for me?

the story revolves around that main theme. but unlike most romantic comedies out there, love shuffle is more mature which makes it stand out. the dialogues are believable.. though the main plot is a no no to me, but i guess it is possible in here... after all, i am in JA-PANda!!!

the story revolves around 4 couples who each have problems (sorry for the repeated phrase...): the postponed-engagement couple of it-professional kei(tamaki hiroshi) and mai(kanjiya shihori), the bothersome coupling of interpreter airu(karina) and yukichi(daigo), the adultery between photo artist ojiro(matsuda shota) and reiko(kojima hijiri), and the doctor-patient relationship of psychologist masato(tanihara shosuke) and kairi(yoshitaka yuriko). it all started when kei, all broken hearted after getting dumped, got stuck in an elevator to his condo unit. coincidentally, his three other floor-mates were with him. as they talked their boredom waiting for the power to come back, the master plan was born. they have decided to shuffle their partners in the hope that this will solve their individual problems.

the story line was pretty solid and captivating to keep you watching more. honestly, i checked this series out because of the familiar actors: chiaki of nodame cantabile and sojiro of hana yori dango. a pretty bad way to start a series. but i got hooked by the simple conversation in the elevator of the first episode. there is this genuine feel to the story, this must be because of the superb acting and chemistry between the actors. and the comedy part of it was not over the top. oh oh oh... and the OST was splendid-- fantasy by earth, wind and fire and eternal flame by the bangles. how's that??? i sang my way as each episode unfolds. and oh oh... they also show bloopers at the end of each episode, what a fun way to end each...

as i have said earlier, it had mature stuff. it wasn't afraid to tackle suicide, adultery, bisexuality, open relationship among many others. in short, this is one of those dramas showing the realities of life: in this case, the realities of japan...

though they were all troubled at first, the ending was the best-- no loose ends... one of the best endings i've seen. yeay, panda!!! it is a series you definitely must watch. see the 10 episodes in either mysoju or dramacrazy. it is but your discretion. yeay yeay, panda!!!

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  1. yehey!done at last..hehe
    i'm not into light comedic romance stories but ill find time to watch this.:D

    i've been noticing lately that your ehem movies are not of the normal genre lately..im not talking particularly of this drama but of "other" movies/drama that we are chatting over YM.hehe

  2. what other movies are you talking of??? wahahhaha...

  3. waahhh,playing innocent eh? you want me to list down the movies? i'd better not..those "movies" are not part of the PG regions anymore..hahaha

  4. they still are... nothing wrong with them... wahihihi

  5. hmm are they still in the PG regions? well, judging by how far are posts are leaning towards more "mature" topics, i guess it would be kinda hard to stick to the safe PG ratings..haha

  6. let us add spice to this so safe blog... as long as the main creator is not here, the cats will play... meow meow...

  7. so,shall we start unleashing those hidden treasures we've secretly kept in our "not-PG-rated-and-most-are-not-for-minors' treasure box? hehe

  8. let's pull the strings one at a time... don't rush... there is nowhere else to go but in those regions.. gray areas first... evil plans straight ahead...