June 30, 2009

The Mirotic concert at Bangkok and Countdown to Tokyo Dome

DBSK recently concluded a MirotiCon concert at Bangkok last June 27-28. And as always the sea of red by the Cassies are breath-taking. And the Memory Blue Project was an astounding success as well. From fan accounts I've read at sharingyoochun, the boys seemed to be teary-eyed at all the things the fans did for them. Just to give you a glimpse of how beautiful and truly wonderful the sea of lights are, check the pics below.

It's already June 30, this side of the world and the much awaited Tokyo Dome concert is only a few days away(happening on July 4-5). For sure everyone is hyped up for this much awaited dream-come-true concert for our beloved boys. I will be on the lookout for fancams(since I really can't go cause I seriously live in the wrong country!) and will be teary-eyed and emotional(which I know most Cassies,BigEasters,etc will be) once the boys perform on the stage they have been wanting to perform on ever since their Japan debut. Now,it's finally happening and I hope that the tension,nervousness and excitement the boys are feeling right now would be turned into raw and awesome perfomance energy on the Dome stage. Hwaiting,Hwaiting DBSK! Toho,Toho Fighto! Six years and counting together with you. Hope we share forever and continue to conquer even bigger stages. :)

Credits: as seen on images,sharingyoochun.wordpress.com


  1. though im color blind, i know that this is red... wahihihi

  2. @innocent,

    it is not only with the eyes that one can see the colors but also with the heart..char!