June 1, 2009

Best Fanclub Poll

Another poll for Cassiopeians at http://ipoll.kr/k_click/t.html for the Best Fanclub. NO REGISTRATION is needed and you can vote several times within the day. Look for DBSK's name(which is on the top labeled 동 방 신 기) , just click the UP button and see the number of +votes rise to 200 and then click the "+" button to add your votes. That simple. It's just a matter of patience,hardwork and persistence.

Currently, 동 방 신 기/DBSK is down to 3rd place. Super Junior and SS501 holds the 1st and 2nd place respectively. So come on Cassies, its time to show again the teamwork and dedication. Let us show that we are the best fanclub there is for the best band we all love.


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