June 21, 2009

SS501 and Super Junior Embark on Asian Tour

I knew about Super Junior's Asian Tour on Channel [V]'s Video Scope on the boys. They made a special video thanking the fans (you're welcome, boys!) for making them number 1 (in the Battle of the Pop, that is). They also announced in the said video that they will be going on their second Asian tour soon. Good news! I read from allkpop.com that the tour will officially start on the 17th of July. The first stop of course will be Seoul, South Korea and the concert will be at the Olympic Fencing Arena. The concert is dubbed as The 2nd Asia Tour Super Show II and are scheduled to do 10 shows. Aside from Seoul, the site also states that the people in Beijing, Bangkok, Taipei, Shanghai, etc, will be able to catch a glimpse of the boys. They have not confirmed yet if Kim KiBum will be at the concert. I hope they will be complete.


On other news, SS501's Kim Hyun Joong has risen to instant popularity because of the recently-concluded Korean drama Boys Over Flowers. Now, the band has announced that they too will be going on an Asian tour. Just like Super Junior, SS501 will kickoff their tour in Seoul on August 1st and 2nd. From there, they will be flying out to Tokyo, Japan for their August 13th concert. So far, those are the two confirmed dates yet. SS501's concert is called PERSONA: The 1st Asia Tour. I hope the rising popularity of Hyun Joong will be able to boost the group's popularity and ticket sales as well.

Good luck and Fighting!

Source: for the pictures and story, credit goest to allkpop.com ->
SS501, Super Junior


    i'm DYING of frustration( i don't even know if this word exists in english xD )

    i wanted to be there !!!!

  2. i know GG... i swear i'm really in the wrong country!
    wae?? doushite??? i want to watch the concert!

  3. we can go to the other countries, tiny. :)
    Bangkok is one city that does not require a visa from us. so, go! hahaha...

    i really wish i can go too.

  4. all i want for christmas is a ticket to the tokyo dome concert of Tohoshinki..hehehe

    im seriously living in the wrong country too...did you know jae cried during the bolero perf??? and only my inhuman changmin remained cold..hahaha love you my baby chang!