June 29, 2009

Super Junior @ Golden Melody Awards 090627

I was doing my usual Pretty Boy Power spazzing.. And they posted that Super Junior were on Golden Melody Awards (GMA) last Saturday!! For those who are not familiar with Mandopop, the GMA is like the Grammy’s of Mandopop music. The boys presented an award with Ariel Lin.

And thanks to youtube.. there is a video of the boys performing It’s You and Sorry Sorry during the awards.

I cannot understand Chinese nor Korean so I absolutely no idea what they were talking about. But what I noticed in the video is that Teuki seems pretty happy now! ahaha he smiled! The boys looked so smexy in their suits! I miss seeing them wearing their suits! I think I can’t get enough of Sorry Sorry! But my heart went out to Sungmin. Apparently he was injured during the rehearsal in the Music Bank performance last Friday (0626). But he still did his best to perform! Though you couldn’t see him dancing, but there was one point in the Sorry Sorry performance where he was with the other guys! Sungmin Hwaiting! Is it just me — but I think his voice really did improve, I started to notice it since the Music Travel lalala performances…

Spazzes@wordpress also had these pictures up.. so I’m reposting it!

Sungmin is not in some of the pictures because of his leg injury... poor him! 

**credits spazzes@wordpress (pretty boy power) + cody610817@youtube + as tagged + moniicax3 & 16candl3s @ sj-



  1. woah,tiny!you're alive and kickin already huh? hehe welcome back! glad to know you're blogging once again.:)

  2. kibummie is resting in california according to news... he should rest in japan for god's sake... in gotanda to be exact... at room 403.

  3. there are rumors going around regarding kibum..hmm i wonder if its true..hope not..


    are you trying to rape kibummie huh?bad fanboy..giving your apartment number..hehe

  4. it is not rape if you have permission... wahihihih...