June 3, 2009

xiah junsu photospam at the secret code tour fukuoka

due to insistent demand yet again by an admin, i am posting pics of xiah junsu taken during the fukuoka leg of their the secret code tour. waaah...

prepare some tissue, bandage, blood bag, all blood transfusion materials...


the safer photos. so adorable and sexy at the same time... i don't know how those two adjectives ended up on the same person at the same time...

and here are parts of the very hot 9095 performance. the waves... the thrusts... the S line...

hope you are all still safe... please dial 911 or whichever applies if you are not.




  1. waaaahhhh omo omo omo omo.,kyaaaa!!!!! double dose of junsu smexiness in a day is toooo freakin much...

    and yes,i am guilty..i am the admin making these ridiculous posts..but all for the benefit of those who have lots of blood to shed in the name of smexiness..

    *sigh if only i get to see changmin doing "his" moves too..


  2. edit from above: i am the admin making these requests for smexy posts from fellow admins..

    gomen..but i know you love the smexy spams right?hehe

  3. go micstand.... let the micstand talk some more and spill more 'R' in this supposed 'PG' blog... wahahhaa

  4. im going crazy!
    thank you thank you thank you!
    xiah junsu overload! weeee!
    smexy S-line!
    just what i need at the moment! one look at these photos and im on cloud nine!
    <3 <3 <3 ^-^