June 17, 2009

MOVIE: A Frozen Flower 쌍화점

Just recently, a friend of mine(read: innocent) suggested this film for me to watch during leisure. I'm not really a picky person when it comes to movies - as long as it's something worth watching then the genre is not a problem. As usual, it was hard getting him to answer some of my basic questions before I start hunting down torrent for the movie. If you don't have initiative, you would find yourself frustrated with his answers in a span of nanoseconds, and if you prolong it a bit, I bet your hands would start to search for a knife.LOL

So, it was decided. It seems like an interesting enough kinda movie considering he gave me a teaser of steamy scenes by Jo In Sung(Memories of Bali). I was like, wtf. For real?? Jo In Sung may not be the cutest guy there is in Korean cinema but boy, he sure has the bod to go along his wonderful acting skills. To top it off, Joo Jin Mo(200 Pounds Beauty) have had the pleasure to sample his *cough* bod for himself.

Those two names were all it took for me to go gallivanting all over the net to search for the video and the subs as well. I was itching literally to see for myself the film that cause such buzz in Korea late last year and even earned Joo Jin Mo a Baeksang award for Best Actor.

Hmm, I'm a little apprehensive if I should continue writing off this post cause I was thinking this movie definitely isn't on the PG regions anymore..haha I might get banned or something or put on indefinite suspension.LOL

Anyways, I just finished watching the second CD today. I was barely able to finish CD1 because of a LOT of steamy, eye-popping and "any-minute-now-I'm-gonna-faint" scenes. Butts are everywhere on the screen..haha And boy was it graphic. No inhibitions. What you see is more than what you have hoped to see.

But don't be put off by my lousy description of the movie above. It is a little too visual but take everything off(no pun intended,promise :D), and you'll see something more to this film than the steamy scenes and the countless liaison with Jo In Sung and the Queen Song Ji Hyo(Jumong).

The premise of the movie may come as a shock to conservatives in our society today but frankly, we need more movies like this. I mean not the visual shocking treats of the film but films that have depth and like I said no inhibitions - far from the boring,same old stuff we see on mainstream cinema.

The lead actors had to be commended on their acting. For sure, it was awkward lip-locking with another guy and doing whatelseyoucallit kinda moves on him BUT they sure nailed it. Joo Jin Mo was terrific in his acting. Personally, I prefer Joo Jin Mo over Jo In Sung. It's not that In Sung is not a good actor but I felt that the transformation that Joo Jin Mo exhibited from the start to finish was dazzling. When heads started to roll, you knew he was totally out of control. But the one thing he only wanted was to bring back Jo In Sung back to him. It was sad really. *Spoiler Alert: During the end when he asking if he was loved even once and Jo In Sung said NO. How heartbreaking is that??huhuhu Well, before I spoil everything and narrate the whole stuff, I better stop.LOL

Lastly, I congratulate everyone who has made this film including the director Yoo Ha. Truly fabulous. A buzz-worthy film in my opinion. Not all of you may agree but like they say, to each his own. This movie captured my attention and deserve all the buzz - be it good or bad - it's getting.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Frozen_Flower for the poster


  1. go..... go frozen flower... wahahaha... and what a nice review it has become... wahihihi...

    but seriously, jo in sung is fabulous... taking into account all the scenes removed by shiira... wahihihi

  2. if i let my words go unrestrained and described the edited scenes in detail, tiny will have my head..hahaha

    of course, we have to take into account the minors who might be reading this blog.let's stay in the PG regions shall we?hehe

  3. where is the micstand???? i need the micstand back... jo in sung and the facial expressions. jo in sung and the motions... waaaaaah