May 31, 2009

DBSK wins Battle of the Pop @ Channel V

Hurray! What more can I say? hehehe Finally, all the efforts of the Cassies finally paid off as DBSK/Tohoshinki swept the award from Super Junior at Channel V's latest Battle of the Pop: Boys vs Girls.

Congratulations to all who voted,supported and disseminated information to make the victory a dream come true. I just hope that DBSK would also give a personal message to all the Cassiopeians who have supported them in this latest poll.

To all the Cassies and DBSK supporters, hwaiting!!

동 방 신 기,사 랑 해 요 영원히!

Edit: Thanks tiny น่ารัก for the heads-up on the results..:D

Credits: for the pic


  1. your welcome shiira! had to watch the show to know who won! ahahaha :D
    congratulations to them!

  2. opps... sorry forgot to include in the comment..

    i hope they will be featured on videoscope also! with a thank you message (like suju..they will be on videoscope on june 6)

    cross your fingers!

  3. yep i hope so too..*crosses all fingers and toes

    don't you love the pic i posted above? Changmin is LOVE..:D what's with the roses baby? is that for me?aww,you're so sweet. *grins like mad