February 16, 2009

Changmin: the king of UFO replies

The title says it all. Do i need to say more? hehehe

Just a sample of his witty alienness(if ever there's such a word.hehehe)

UFO Messages
Fan:Do you like Gop Chang (Korean food) or do you like me?!?!?!
[Changmin] I like myself....
Fan:It's finals week and it's really hard and crazy for me so I sent one(text)...
[Changmin] Have confidence!! ^^.
Fan:Changmin oppa Rising Sun!!!! I'm not gonna sleep until you send me a reply! T_T I'm gonna see the sunrise!
[Changmin] Go to sleep!
Fan:Changmin oppa, do you know what the fastest chicken is?
[Changmin] I dont know... If I study, would I know?
Fan:It's finals week and I can't concentrate on studying T_T Please reply once, cheering me on so I can do well! ^^
[Changmin] If you don't do well I might be disappointed in Cassiopeia. ^^ Ahja!! Fighting!! ^^
Fan:Changmin oppa! How many times have I blinked my eyes so far?
[Changmin]What is the temperature that I'm feeling right now?
Fan:You eat on a average of 6 meals a day and you lived 7073 days. so 42438 meals?
[Changmin] If you have time to calculate that, go study ^^
Fan:Changmin~ If the other members call you old-looking, come tell noona~
I'll scold them!!
[Changmin] I look young so its okay ^^.

To read it full: http://luvpeipei.blogspot.com/2007/12/dbsks-ufo-replies.html

Credits to: luvpeipei

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