February 16, 2009

Dbsk In Top 50 Best Of The Best 2008 - The Boy Kimchi Magazine

I came across this article at soompi(yes, I am still browsing for more news on my changmin) and decided to post this here.

Some of the interesting stuff posted:

1. The hottest boy band of 2008 - DBSK
We cannot give this number 1 place to other artists except DBSK. They are so popular all over the world, Korea, Japan, China, Thaiand,Taiwan and DBSK fever spreads to Europe, America, Peru. There are Cassiopeia even in Papua New Guinea!
18. Most hottest album - DBSK
‘Mirotic’ after having been wating for 1 year and 7 months, we got the masterpeice of DBSK
19. Most clumsy but cutie - Kim Jaejoong
He’s so cute , so beautiful, so handsome. He’s everything (and his beauty keeps up everytime we met him) but then again he’s a bit clumsy in the same time and that makes us love him more

20. The real Prince - Yunho
No one can be the real gentleman as much as Yunho. He’s very handsome (you can see it from your 2 eyes) but yet very gentle, sweet, cute and caring. He’s so everything like this that’s why we is the real Prince for us.

21. King of UFO - Changmin
Every word that comes out of Changmin is super funny and super him, super hardcore.

22. Fashionable guy - Yoochun
He’s the real fashinable guy. No matter what he wears it becomes famous and he always added up a few little details in (dressing more than other member)

23. Prince born to be innocent - Junsu
No matter how he’s changed (his hair, his clothes etc) but his innocence is still there!
33. Perfect hair for perfect face - Kim Jaejoong
All of the staff confirm Jaejoong recent hair style is perfect with his face (makes us wanna carry him home secretly)

To read the full article and drool over the pics(yes there are pics), the link is here: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=275561

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