February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Changmin-ah!

Today is a very special day to me(and to my minnie as well) since today is Changmin's 21st birthday(or 22nd in Korea). I know that a lot of your fans have pooled something special to celebrate your birthday. In fact in one of the forums I'm a member of, Shimjjang Forums, we have whipped up a gorgeous banner of our Prince Shim and used it as the header for the forums for the whole month of February. Congrats to fellow cassie sazame for that banner. :)

Since I am so busy with work lately, I was not able to participate in the birthday project that Yunho-shii has compiled for both Yunho and Changmin. But it doesn't mean I can't express my message here in our blog.hehehe

Changmin-ah, you have grown so much over the past years. From the cutie lovable boy we saw during the Hug days, you have grown to be one of the most smexy and hottie member. And yet, that innocence(despite the "special videos") and wonderful personality of yours(especially the witty replies and sarcasm)never changed. We all can see the wonderful effort you put into every performance, the heartfelt performances you give each time. Every Changmin fan is just behind you every step of the way. We may not be able to lavish you with gifts and all just like what your hyung's fans do but that doesn't mean you are loved less. Hwaiting Changmin! Noona loves you and adores you and cares for you so much.(Oh, no I'm baring my heart and soul here.)

Saengil chuk ha hamnida, Changmin-ah! I wish you all the best and may your wishes and your dreams come true. I leave you with your favorite song in the album(and mine too of course!)

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