February 20, 2009

Kim Hyeon-Jung Suffers Waist Pain

I just read from Hancinema.net newsletter that Boys Over Flowers actor Kim Hyeon-Jung suffers waist pain due to a recent car accident.  

According to the news report, Kim got into an accident last month on his way to the film set for the drama Boys Over Flowers.  He had complained of waist pain and was even advised by his doctors to stay in the hospital for treatment.  However, according to the report, due to a tight filming schedule, he had to forego treatment.  The series is set to finish filming by March, and only then will he see a doctor and continue whatever treatment is necessary.

It was also reported that Kim also collapsed while filming on location in Macau for the same drama.  According to the same report, that was due to long hours of shooting contributed by skipping meals, thus leading to gastric ulcer.

*On a personal note, it is commendable how these actors show their dedication to their craft.  Enduring such pain to finish filming is worth mentioning.  Remember Kim Beom and his recent car accident?  The producers should also give these actors some leeway, especially under such circumstances so they can seek proper treatment.  

Credits to: KBS Global and HanCinema.Net for the info, and neko2832 for the picture.


  1. Oh my god .. Is he okay ?

  2. yeah he is ok... no need to worry

  3. awe how sad hopefully he can recover ;(

    love you number one fan!!!

  4. he did recover and is now busy with upcoming album.... no need to be sad...

  5. he so handsome!!!!