February 16, 2009

Min Ho and the adorable kids

As i was browsing thru soompi searching for new threads on my Minnie(yes,i can't get enough of the first thread. so what? :P), I came across an article snippet and various pics of Lee Min Ho(Goo Jun Pyo in Boys over Flowers) with kids. I thought he was damn good-looking(next to my minnie of course) but his pics with the kids blew me away. I soooo adore those guys who are kid magnets.hehe Makes you fantasize having them as dads for your own kids.(Awww)

And pics with his kid co-stars:

Credits to: JUNSUxLOVE@soompi.com/forums


  1. T_T
    i want him!

    sorry for the 'cheesy' comment xD

  2. don't be sorry.. ahaha
    you should watch boys over flowers! ahahaha