February 19, 2009

DBSK in SBS Gayo Daejun 29-Dec-2008

after the last post, i can't stop myself from posting more live performances. it is at these live ones that you can see dbsk's edge over the others.

video was taken at SBS Awards Show "Gayo Daejun (가요대전)" on december 29th of 2008, their last performance in korea last year before they fly to japan. weeks prior to this performance, mirotic was labeled inappropriate by the Commission of Youth Protection. as a consequence to this, dbsk released a clean version ("...under my sky...") which will be played on tv or radio before 10pm.

the video at the bottom is way over 10pm. "you trying to teach us?", pistols on the head, peace signs, and the groundbreaking ending, see for yourselves how energetic and how they "break the rules" with this one.

jaeurazn1live at youtube


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