February 16, 2009

MNet’s Celebs You Want To Spend Valentine’s Day With

Valentines has just passed. What a fitting way for MNet to release another poll. Definitely, the BBF (Boys Before Flowers) mania is evident. Would you also choose the same for your date? hmmm...

Top 5

1. Lee Minho

2. Xiah Junsu (DBSK)

3. Kim Beom

4. G Dragon (Big Bang)

5. Kim Hyun Joong (SS501)

Credits to 
DBSKnights33 for the video
asianfanatics for the images



  1. Haha, i agree =)
    1st : Lee min ho
    2nd : Henney
    3rd : KimBum
    4th : Zai zai/ and ZHIshuuuuu
    5th : Goon yoooo ( coffee prince scars xD)

  2. waaah... GG... are you a boys over flowers fan too????

    do you mean daniel henney????

  3. mmh...
    yes, it could be said that i'm a FAAAAN =P.
    if i was korean, i would have been the greatest groupiiiie crying their name and all and all ( I'm kiddiing ^^ i'm not like that at all ... even if it would be a blaaaast to do it xD)

    Bbf (l)(l)(l)

    yes i mean daniel henney! why?

  4. waaaah... you must also have the fan-girl scream as your weapon... :)

    daniel henney is quite mature, isn't he? but he does age good. if i have that body, i wouldn't were anything. wahihihi..

    so where are you from???

  5. waaaahh.. i love daniel henney! i can't wait to watch him on xmen (",) though ive read somewhere that for his character he will be wearing a mask.. sigh...

  6. Haha, Henney is the upper(?) level !!! so perfect ... and his voice ! his smile is to die for ! the body is just an option hihi, so class so unreachable -_-'' . if you know someone like him PLEEEASE give him my number xD
    But ... he sure is the only one like that...
    btw what a waste to make him wear a mask !!!

    and yes ... i have this weapon what a relief for ur ears that in reality i'm the joon pyo kind of person -_-' ( never showing others what i like, or love ... etc )

    I'm french ... so boring here, there's nothing to like ! nothing asian ... and when we watch drama and we compare asian to french xD. that's better for them if i don't say anything ^^.

    sigh (bis) ...

  7. wahaha... you should show them more... who knows, others in there have the same passion as you. *wink

    there must be asians in france too. just search for them. and tell them about jun pyo... wahihihi

  8. well .. in med school there're 2 !!!! asians .. only 2 and one of them is my friend.
    I think boys must attend a drama class xD

    enfin Bon.


  9. so you are in drama??? wahahaha... you are fun so i think you can attract them to like asians without any troubles...

  10. I'm deeply addicted T_T

    You ?

  11. i am too... im into both korean and japanese dramas. they are so fun.

  12. hi gg! you're from france.. that's sooo cool.

    i would have to agree that daniel henney is one of those korean guys who could be classified as in the "UPPER LEVEL".. he is one of my faves..

    have you watched seducing mr. perfect? or my name is kim sam soon?? he is so sexy! ahahaha
    oh by the way have u seen him singing.. he did sing in the ost of seducing mr. perfect.. he sang with alex (from clazziquai). the song was called kissing me.
    i'll be posting it here over the weekend :D

    absolutely adore daniel henney! i cant wait for XMEN!!!

  13. Hahaha I've seen kim sam soon/ Mr perfect / spring waltz/ my father ... everything where he plays ^^ ( even the bean pole commercials ... he is so perfect ^^'''' )

    and i also know about the ost (he sang on my father's ost too ... but i didn't really like it ^^ ) ! Alex is a gorgeous singer( his album is one of my favourite, especially the song daydreaming. don't know why)

    Have you seen him singin creep ? xD it was so funny to see on the video all the girls around fallin ^^

    Btw, i fell in love with lee min ho watching BBf ;) ! damned HOT!!!!!

    to Innocent : being fun is not attractive at all ! always the best friend! =)

    Have a nice day!! =D

  14. i've seen him sing creep! i loved it.. i even watched the interview videos where his mom was in! ahahaha.. that's how i adore him..

    i also love my vintage romance (alex' album).. i absolutely adore his voice.. loved him since i heard clazziquai.. they were the once who sang she is and be my love.. have you tried listening to them??

    lee min ho is so hot!! but i prefer hyun joong! ahaha try watching we got married and you'll know why :D

  15. Oh yeah She is with horan ! such a beautiful song !! i was stunned when i found alex's album! so happy xD

    I'm watching bbf/ akai ito( but everyone is dying u_u '') / gossip girl and my queen but the subs are a mess !!!
    i think that's enough for a med school girl xD ^^
    i also saw the video with his mom. Hum

    In bbf , hyun joong is too perfect that's why i prefer jun pyo !! He is more Human ^^. that's irrealistic how he is perfect, really. Such a Man DOESN'T exist !
    Jun pyo'character is cuter, i've always been attracted to unreachable mysterious, proud, and jun pyo'kind man xD.
    sadique !

  16. horan got wit... saw that in a game show. didn't expect her to be fun. wahihihi..

    you are watching a lot. yuhoo...

    tiny (the girl above, in case you havent noticed), loves and adores ji hoo... i don't know what she saw in him... but the actor is adorable though..

  17. got wit? it means?

    Ji hoo is pityful .. and lonely.

    Watching a lot ... it could be worst ! that's 4h/week. My only distraction ^^'

    Hum ... on second thought, i'm watching BBf for lee min ho/ akai ito ... for akun/ Gossip Girl for chuck, and secondarily for nate's handsomeness.

    sight ... 'I' am pityful [ xD ]

  18. she is fun, contrary to the image she portrays...

    dont be pity yourself... it is but natural to adore. wahahahaha

  19. i love horan's voice... about horan -- she guested in a game show called star golden bell (i watched this ep since hyun joong was there).. she's very witty, very different from the horan you see on clazziquai videos :D

    ehehe.. though i adore jun pyo's character (i mean who wouldn't want their own version of domyouji) -- and min ho's HOT bod! -- i find hyun joong more attractive -- not so much for his character... coz he kind of has a similarity with lee dong gun, another one of my ultimate korean crushes!
    it started out with that.. but i really find him cute.. he sings, he dances and now he is acting! ahahaha.. i recommend you watch we got married and look for the joongbo/lettuce couple cuts.. ehehehe (",)

    and gg.. it is natural to adore them.. what's not to like about these guys! sigh (",)

  20. haha dark hair suits him better !
    y'ep, who wouldn't fall for them ... =/
    Life's UNFAIR =P

  21. ahaha yes he looks good with the dark hair..
    i gues we have to thank korea for their sharing to the world these gorgeous guys!! :D

  22. Longue vie à la Corée !!!
    Longue vie à ses BG !

    = BG means Beautiful guy ^^ ( in french too haha)

  23. yup they really are beautiful!
    posted daniel henney on the blog! :D

    who are the other korean actors you like?
    any addiction to asian boybands/ idol groups?

  24. Hahaha
    except henney ... leeminho, kimbum, goonyoo,
    (zaizai/zhishu (taiwan) ) there are also: lee min ki ( dalja's spring) his smile is just hypnotizing, i can watch him smiling during hours xD, so cute. Yoo gun, you know him .. i don't remember where he acted... but he is so handsome ! Lee dong wook of course !!
    Hyun Bin, in some shots he is just so STUNNINg ! Lovely in the snow queen, millionaire first love, not really in kim sam soon because henney was there (hehehehe), and cute in the world that they live in, even if i stopped watching it since the 7th ep.
    Also park yong Ha ... Ok i think i'll stop here or i'll name all Korean actors xD

    Groups ... hum nowadays i'm only listening to my head is bad ^^, but in my playlist i have my vintage romance. Alex voice is so incredible ( and he is from vancouver (l)(l)(l) ^^ I LOVE canada. so imagine, he is canadian PLUS Korean with a gorgeous voice, HOW could i not LOVE him ^^ )
    Park hyo shin - the breeze of sea... i loved him watching i'm sorry i love you ( snow flower! ) i was shoked when i saw he is younger than i thought ( Excuse my english xD, i think this sentence is HOrrible but i don't know how to turn the things better )

    Tei ! some of his songs are <3.
    and ... actually all the kim sam soon ost !!

    ... musically speacking, i don't really like bands with handsome guys, i just like the voices and After i search to see who they are ^^. the exception : Zai zai! i love ' xin teng'

    i learned you're addicted to dbsk ! i discovered them here, i don't really like them, so young , and ' girly' , don't know why ...

    ( Sorry, i ALWAYS write novels besides comments xD )

  25. those are a lot... wahihihihi... i know most of the names... god!! that must mean i have seen too many korean stuff already.... wahihihihi..

    dont you like jo in sung????

    for acting, i go with jo in sung ang gong yoo (you like him too...). they just have something others dont.

    with groups, yeah i am for dbsk too... waaaah... i so like them when they perform live... i dont know but their voices are great.

  26. Oh i don't know him AT ALL :o
    any movie of him to recommend? =D
    i'm sure that's a mistake if you compare him to my goon yoo!

    i started we got married, but there are 40 episodes ... so much :/

    It was so funny xD really, but there is one couple i can't stand, they're just so " heavy" i don't how to say it...
    I admit ji hoo and his girlfriend, they're just perfect to each other ! SO CUTE ! she is wonderful ... and the girl with alex too ! alex is just as i expected ^^


    i'm glad to share addictions with you guys =D

    Bonne journée !

  27. jo in sung is in the classic.. one of my favorite movies.. he's also in memories of bali.. he was also featured in a movie called madeliene and i think he's recent movie is frozen flower.. ahahaha i really like him ^^! ahahaha i sound like a fan!
    but he will be enlisting in the military soon.. sob...

    you like zai zai! i adore him! Zai Zai ai ni! hahaha i miss meteor garden! :D

    ive heard about tei.. what songs of his do you recommend?

    for we got married..
    you must be talking about the ant couple.. ahaha or was it hyun dong and saori??? ahaha i'm addicted to this show because of hyun joong (jihoo) and alex and andy! love them!
    ehehe 40 episodes is a little too many.. but im watching the 28th ep... ahaha 12 more to go before 40!

    i fell in love with dbsk when i saw the doushite video.. im a sucker for sad songs i dont know why ^^. but when i saw mirotic, the addiction never stopped! ahahah

    its ok to write novels.. see the way i write comments! ahaha its really nice to share addictions with someone! :D

  28. jo in sung -> dirty carnival where he won an award for best actor. but it is a bloody movie though best suited for my type. wahahaha. first saw him in memories of bali (what happened in bali).

  29. Do you know : yurisangja ??
    they sang on the ost of spring waltz.( ije saranghal issoyo, but i think you exactly knowwho they are and all their discography ^^, you're amazing! xD )
    I can't find their new album ( April 2008) =/
    so i dl it from Youtube ... (hihi)

  30. i searched them up in youtube after i read your comment. wahihihi... great voices by the way.

    maybe tiny knows more of the duo.

  31. yup i know them..
    first heard their song on the spring waltz ost...
    but the yurisangja song that i absolutely love is can i love you (sarangheado dwelkkayo)... :D

    for dl try to check out asianload.com or kpopshare.com.. those are my sources for dl..

  32. thanks.
    i'm watching to we got married, that's PRETTY addicting xD

    but there's something i dont understand ...
    Links are broken ( 19 to 25 ) and hyun jung disappeared???!!
    is he coming back in the next ep or not? because i won't watch it if everyone is new ! i mean andy is perfect xD and alex so attracting , jihoo so funny i agree i think i understand why u like him so much, i really laugh out loud xD, every sentence he says is funny and hilarious xD .
    so could u tell me please if they're all back after, because i won't watch the next ep if theyre all GONE !!
    and ... no bbf tonight, i was going to cry xD, i waited all day long to see min ho ! ^^

    Hope jandi will not be defigured ! ( hurted in the face .. don't know if we say this like that.)

    great day ! =D.

  33. yeah... another we got married addict. wahihihi. i am stuck at ep20. but i have seen all the hwangbo-hyunjoong moments already. they really are fun. but as they say, couples come and go but they don't all go at the same time. just watch it. wahihihi.. and then you will see their 100th day episode(pictures are also posted here). wahihihi.

    what??? no bbf yet??? ohhh

  34. ahahaha! another WGM addict!
    ji hoo is really funny.. that's why they call him UFO (kind of like an alien coz he says weird and funny things).
    he will be coming back. the reason why he was not in those episodes is because he went to japan.. hwang bo will be visiting him.. the couple will still be on the show until the 38th episode if i'm not mistaken.. i'm still on the 31st ep... so i'll be seeing them for the next 7 episodes..

    if you have problems watching we got married.. try to search it on youtube and type "star wedding" instead of we got married. you could also try watching it on dramacrazy.net

    i've read somewhere that the reason why there is no bbf for monday is bec of the accident jan di was in... the news said they were airing an f4 special instead.. and they will be airing the 17th ep only for this week.. read it on asianfanatics.net (",)

  35. nobosayo!!! hyunjoong! ... =)!!! belated happy birthday! ... = )! june-6? !... =) hahaha!!! happy 24th birthday! ...= )