February 18, 2009

Wang Lee Hom - Hua Tian Cuo

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One of the my favorite Chinese pop songs is Hua Tian Cuo by four-time Golden Melody Award-winning Taiwanese-American singer-songwriter and actor, Wang Lee Hom

What I like most about the song is the variety of sounds used to create the music. It is a mixture of the old with the new, traditional with modern, eastern with western cultures. Wang Lee Hom actually coined the term "chinked-out" music to describe his music, which is heavily influenced by traditional Chinese music (thus the interesting mix of sounds in most of his songs).

Here's the video, hope you enjoy it as much as I (always) do! 


王力宏 - 花田错
Wang Li Hong (Wang Lee Hom) – Hua Tian Cuo

夜好深了 纸窗里怎么亮着
ye hao shen le / zhi chuang li zen me liang zhe
那不是彻夜等候 你为我点的烛火
na bu shi che ye deng hou / ni wei wo dian de zhu huo
不过是 一次邂逅 红楼那一场梦
bu guo shi yi ci xie hou / hong lou na yi chang meng
我的山水 全部退色 像被大雨洗过
wo de shan shui / quan bu tui se / xiang bei da yu xi guo
The night is so deep, why is there a light in the paper window?
That isn't (someone) waiting out the impenetrable night, it's the candleflame you lit for me
It was only a chance meeting, the dream of a red mansion
The colors of my landscape have all become dull, as if washed by a fierce rain

杯中景色鬼魅 我忘了我是谁
bei zhong jing se gui mei / wo wang le wo shi shui
xin qing jiu xiang ye liang ru shui
手里握着蝴蝶杯 单飞 不醉不归
shou li wo zhe hu die bei / dan fei / bu zui bu gui
The scenery in the cup has a pervasive charm, I've forgotten who I am
My mood is like the night, as cold as water
In my hand, I hold a butterfly cup, solitarily flying; I'm won't return until I'm drunk

hua tian li fan le cuo
说好 破晓前忘掉
shuo hao / po xiao qian wang diao
hua tian li fan le cuo
拥抱 变成了煎熬
yong bao / bian cheng le jian ao
花田里犯了错 犯错
hua tian li fan le cuo / fan cuo
xiang mi lian jing hua shui yue de wu liao
hua tian li fan le cuo
请 原谅我多情的打扰
qing / yuan liang wo duo qing de da rao
In the flower fields I made a mistake
It was agreed that everything would be forgotten before the dawn breaks
In the flower fields I made a mistake
An embrace that has become torture
In the flower fields I made a mistake, made a mistake
It was as meaningless as an infatuation with a mere whim
In the flower fields I made a mistake
Please, forgive the disturbances of my extraneous passions

醉 怎么会喝醉 美 因为你的美
zui / zen me hui he zui / mei / yin wei ni de mei
爱 匆匆一瞥不过点缀
ai / cong cong yi pie bu guo dian zhui
飞 看大雪纷飞 却再也找不回
fei / kan da xue fen fei / que zai ye zhao bu hui
bei bai xue fu gai na xie qing cui
Intoxicated, how can I be drunk? Beauty, it's all because of your beauty
Love, a hurried glance that's only for show
Fly, see the heavy snow fly in a flurry, yet it can never be found again
All that was fresh and green has been enveloped in white snow

当 时空成为拥有你 唯一条件 我....又醉
dang / shi kong cheng wei yong you ni / wei yi tiao jian / wo... you zui
琥珀色的月 结成了霜的泪 我会记得这段岁月
hu po se de yue / jie cheng le shuang de lei / wo hui ji de zhe duan sui yue
When the time comes that I have you, the only requirement is, I'm... drunk again
An amber colored moon, tears that have frosted over, I will remember this period of time

我的山水 全部退了色
wo de shan shui / quan bu tui le se
多情的打扰 请原谅我
duo qing de da rao / qing yuan liang wo
bu shi che ye wei wo dian de huo
(在那花田 在那花田)
(zai na hua tian / zai na hua tian)
在那花田里 我犯了错
zai na hua tian li / wo fan le cuo
The colors of my scenery have all become dull
The disturbances of extraneous passions, please forgive me
It's not the impenetrable night, the fire that was lit for me
(In the flower fields, in the flower fields)
In the flower fields I made a mistake

If you like this song, click here to download.

Credits to:
Lyrics, Pinyin and Translation:chigusa707 (http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=90784

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