March 8, 2009

Boys Over Flowers Cast - Accident Prone?

I'm just about ready to start watching Ep16 of the series.  However, I just found out in my Han Cinema newsletter, that in lieu of the 17th Episode, an F4 Special Talk Show will be shown.  As it turns out, the female lead Koo Hye-seon, who plays Geum Jan-di of course, got involved in a car accident on her way back from shooting an episode.

Her injuries required stitches in her mouth and had caused her mouth to swell.  The management decided to let Koo rest up and filming will resume once she recovers from it.  That's a very good decision, in my opinion.  

Koo is the fourth member of the Boys Over Flowers cast to get involved in an automobile accident.  If you can remember, Kim Bum had been in multiple separate car accidents, the latest even required him to film while seated.  Kim Hyun-joong was no exception and now he's been suffering from back pains since the accident.  Kim Joon also figured in an automobile accident even before the two Kims.  

It just makes you wonder why the cast has been attracting negative vibes that also attract such accidents?  They just have to be super careful next time.  I hope it all stops with Koo.

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