March 8, 2009

Yet another suicide...

I was checking out asianfanatics for some news-worthy articles to put up on my blog. And I think this news is shocking… another Korean actress has committed suicide.

According to the news that was posted by D O L C E, actress Jang Ja Yeon committed suicide at home today at 7.34 pm her older sister called the police.

This is what the news said..

“Jang Ja Yeon committed suicide at home today at 7.34 pm her older sister called the policed. She hung herself. Her will and notes will be checked. She is normally a bright girl and hence her entertainment company is also very shocked.

She is most well known for the role of Sunny, one of the mean girls, in Boys over flowers.

She died at 4.30pm. Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong and gGoo Hye Sun from Boys over flowers went straight to pay their respects after shooting.”

Source: Cynews + Joy news translations: ~S2~@Soompi forums

May she rest in peace…

This news is really sad.. I hope this wouldn’t happen again..



  1. Rip.

    [ I LOOOOVE this version of Because i'm stupid =) ]
    and i've done watching wgm xD.
    i ended liking hyung jung =P.
    But i still prefer lee min ho Hahaha

    Have a great day !

  2. i have to say i love lee min ho's body -- thank you korea!!! ahahaha

    i wish someone would sub the other episodes of wgm... its only until 41... i would love to see more og kangin! :D

  3. thank me for that. wahahah..

    you can find that version posted here too... with download options too...

  4. well, thank you, but i already have it =) and thanks youtube for that =D hihihihi
    and i love reading your blog hearing this song =)

    wgm : WHERE did solbi nd andy go?? i haven't seen the first farewell ep, and i searched on dramacrazy too but videos were no longer available !

    raaaah i can't wait til monday for the next BBf ... that's torture.
    I love lee min ho acting, voice, smile ... style ! i love him with straight hair or curly hair xD evrything about him is lovely.

    thank you korea, u're right.

    Hahaha i was thinking .. i wish i can get married with him like in wgm xD.
    OkOK i'm stopping here the daydreaming thing :p

  5. what would we do without youtube??? i can't imgine... :D

    thanks a lot for always visiting our blog!!

    i love ansol couple... it was a little sad seeing them go (ep. 28), they were my favorites (aside from hwang bo and hyun joong)...

    to watch that episode try this links from youtube (this is the first part of the ep)

    you can also visit the user profile of sassouki04, she has most of the vids...

    haven't been keeping up with bbf... waaaaaa... i need to watch the eps i've missed!!!