March 9, 2009

super junior with "sorry sorry" from the 3rd album

just happen to pass by a blog and yeah sorry sorry full version is finally out. but yeah, no mv yet... so we better watch out for that. i can't find lyrics too since it really is new.

the song sounds mature and catchy and dance-y as i've said in the previous entry with the teaser (super junior 3rd album teaser is out).

the picture above is for their 2nd album by the way.

as simple as that, here is the song.

SJ3jib @



  1. sounds very interesting..
    liking it... :)

  2. i know youll like it... still finding siwon and kibums voice. wahuhuhu...

  3. this is your bday present by the way... sosyal, from super junior themselves. wahihihihi

  4. Awwww... innocent 色男!! Thank you..!!!
    You can hear Siwon's voice in the beginning (i think.. sounds like him), at 0:31.. hehehe.. Kibum's he usually raps, so i'm not familiar with his voice.. heheh.. i could only clearly hear, HANGENG's, Kangin's (I love his part, by the way), Ryeowook's, Yesung's and Kyuhyun's parts..

  5. yeah, i can now hear siwon, hangeng, ryeowook, sungmin, kangin, yesung, kyuhyun.... where could kibum be???? waaaaah