March 16, 2009

Taeyang vs.Junsu Piano Battle

This is another late news.hehehe But since I recently posted(about 1 min ago) a Big bang entry, Big Bang's Gojidmal, I thought why not post something for my fave in the group. Yep, you got it right. Got the hots for Taeyang.(lolz, what the heck am I saying.Changmin is seriously going to my whoop my a$$ for this.XD)

The piano battle that endeared me instantly to Taeyang. Held last December 29,2008 at SBS Gayo Daejeon Awards. Taeyang performed "Don't wanna try by Frankie J" while Junsu belted(literally)"My Everything by 98 Degrees".Frankly, I don't want to comment further on Junsu's adorkable English cause If i do, the other Junsu-inclined(or should i say Junsu obsessed) authors here are going for my head.hahaha

I'll let you decide instead.Here's the video. But I have to say, Junsu you slay me with your voice acrobatics. Gotta hand it to you in that department. So, Enjoy!

Elina88xxx@youtube for the vid.
AllKPop for the article here: Piano Battle


  1. no comment...

    taeyang declared the winner himself.

    go dolphin junsu!!! ooops...

  2. hahahaha innocent has revealed himself as a Junsu obsessed author.

    @tiny, hmm you're playing safe. :P

  3. ahahaha.. from dbsk i love junsu.. and if its big bang i love taeyang! so... i love them both! wahahahaa :D

  4. you are playing safe. go kibum!!! wahahaha

  5. @innocent, you're commenting on the wrong post.:P

  6. ah... yeah... sorry. i admit. got bewildered. need more concentration. need more iron

  7. don't wanna try all over the place.

  8. My vote goes to Taeyang.. hehehe..
    He sounded good, and looked good..

    Junsu.. he's really cute, but he should have sang another song.. sorry, innocent, tiny.. i know you both love him..

  9. don't wanna try don't wanna try don't wanna try don't wanna try don't wanna try don't wanna try don't wanna try don't wanna try don't wanna try don't wanna try don't wanna try don't wanna try...

  10. i love them both! --- oops playing safe again! :D

  11. don't wanna try don't wanna try don't wanna try don't wanna try don't wanna try don't wanna try don't wanna try don't wanna try don't wanna try don't wanna try don't wanna try don't wanna try...

  12. this is not a karaoke session.:P please refrain from spamming lyrics on your comments just to dissuade us from saying that you REALLY are a junsu fanboy.:P

  13. im making a point in there. i got bored with those lyrics sang all over without any difference at all. wahihihi.

  14. well its better than singing a song that sounded kenyan but in actuality was in english.wahaha bambaya!

    love taeyang..hehe go joan!

  15. well, not all has perfect pronunciation. and certainly, not all can speak english. though i admit his english was pretty off but cant you see his soul coming out when he performed???

    there. ive made my point. unlike others in there who play safe. wahahahaha...

  16. who cares about his english!
    i love them both!
    if it was dbsk -- i love junsu...
    an from big bang i love taeyang!
    so no competition whatsoever!
    i love this performance :P

  17. i don't dislike junsu.i actually admire him..its just the changmin in me.hahaha

  18. hahaa.. this was just too much (hmm, i cant describe it properly...) from Junsu... I would have appreciated it if he didn't try to add so much "twists and stretching" (i really don't know the terminology, hahahahaha) to the lyrics while singing..


  19. :O
    junsu !

    OK OK OK OK ....
    ==> in my ipod NOW ^^

    how are you guys? =)

  20. but i agree his prononciation is totally OFF!
    they're both cute ... and have great voice, who won? ^^

  21. there was really no winner GG. it was kind of a battle where the viewer can the decide who the winner for him is. but there was no official winner. wahihihi...

    we are all fine thank God. the blog is still running pretty smoothly... wahihihi how about you? how is your asian people hunting in france???

  22. GG! we are fine :D
    hope you like what we posted recently...
    how are you?

    and yes.. nobody won from the battle..