March 11, 2009

sorry sorry dance choreo

oh no. i've been posting super junior for 3 times in a row. this must be a promotion. hope i get paid for this. 

yeah i am excited to see 13 people dance to their song. and what more can i ask if the choreo is this cool? you just have to see this choreo. you will surely wish you knew how to dance. i did.

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SaphireJunior10 @ youtube
google for the pics (i'm so sorry i forgot where i got this)



  1. i'm enjoying this...
    cant wait for your next post, innocent! hahahaha

  2. i already know who sang which part but nothing for eunhyuk, shindong, heechul and kibum... kinda sad to hear this... wahuhuhu

  3. also nothing for hangeng!!!! which is really weird, cz the voice after Siwon, sounded really like him, but in both video and live performance kyuhyun was singing it...

  4. yeah... so so so bad. wahuuhhu... and on the mv, kibum and heechul were not dancing...