March 14, 2009

super junior live performance in music core 14-Mar-2009


a better and clearer performance in music core today. the stage is bigger, the lights are brighter, everyone looks good. this truly deserves to be posted. but still no kibum. :(

if you are wondering why there is no kibum, he still has to learn the dance. when the choreographers came to teach the dance, he has to go back to the US for his mom got sick. at least we all can say that he is a good son. it's quite unfair if we don't get to see all the members so here he is. just waiting...

waiting for the right time to come.

they performed two songs in music core: 
  • sorry sorry - can't help but like this song. lyrics and MV in "sorry sorry" MV now out
  • why i like you - i'm really glad they also promote this song.  
videos below

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  1. waaaah! i'm addicted to sorry sorry!
    why i like you also sounds good! :D

  2. Sorry sorry.. hahaha..
    I'm an addict already.. hahahah..

    Why I like you sounds really familiar...

  3. there you go... think it over while listening to the song. wahihihi.

  4. why i like you sounds like Neyo's Closer i think.. :D i made kate listen to it and she said it sounded like Closer..

    i love both songs!

  5. no it doesnt.. ahhh... i get it. yeah there is similarity with closer

  6. fritz thanks for posting this. I was watching the MV like seconds ago and was thinking,"Crap, I know Fritz had this vid up already. I just know its impossible if you didnt considering all the pre-comeback promotions." HAHAHA I absolutely LOVE this song. DBSK is already getting the backseat.:D
    But i still love my boys though.

  7. wahahhaa... binulgaray yet again. i know dbsk will regain the front seat when the album comes out. there are many good songs in that album too.