March 26, 2009

dbsk with "taxi"

this is definitely my favorite song from their new album secret code released last 25th of march. who would have thought that taxi is a ballad. and not just any ordinary ballad but a deep, sad heartbreak ballad. i have read somewhere from an interview with dbsk, junsu mentioned that when you hear this song, you will be teary eyed everytime you ride a taxi. you will not ride a taxi anymore, he even added. this is a bit exaggerated but yes, the song is that sad. it is a splendid sad song.

i found the japanese lyrics and romanized it myself. (from previous posts, you know that i'm studying japanese). this is my very first project so please take out with full credits. i'll try to translate it later and post it as soon as possible. i have just translated it to the best of my abilities. it could have been more flowery but that is the basic.

before you listen to the song, please please stay away from sharp objects. thank you very much.


by innocent 色男

karameta yubi wo hodoku tabi
sono nukumori wo nigiri kaeshita

kimi ni aeruto omou tabi
boku no kokoro wa irodorareteku

tawainonai dekigoto mo
futari de ireba omoide ni dekiru noni...

※kimi no koe mo sono hosoi kata mo
sono hitomi mo boku no mono janai
donna ni soba ni itemo...
kimi no mirai kawasanai kagiri
kono omoi wo kanaeru koto wa dekinai yo
hitotoki no yume itai hodo suki na noni
yoru ga owatteku…※

aenai toki wo umeru youni
kirameku machi no hodou wo aruku

hajimete te ni fureta toki
odoketa kimi no egao ga yomigaeru

dakishimetai dakishimete itai
dakedo kimi wa boku no mono janai
ibitsu na kokoro ga ima…
dakishimetai dakishimecha ikenai
afureru hodo tokeru hodo motomete iru noni
takushii tomete yakusoku mo kawasa zuni
kimi wa te wo furu...



by innocent 色男

each time you let go of our entwined hands,
i grasp that warmth again.

each time i think of meeting you
my heart is filled with joy.

when we are together, even silly moments can be memories 

* even your voice, and also those slender shoulders,
and even your eyes are not mine,
no matter how much i am by your side...
unless i ruin your future,
this feeling cannot come true.
it is a one time dream; i love you so much to the point that it hurts,
but the night is ending...

to fill up those times we can't meet,
i walk on the glittering town's streets.
your naive smilling face at that time when i first held your hand,
keeps on coming back to me.

i want to embrace you, embrace you tightly
however you are not mine.
now my heart is wounded...
i want to embrace you but i must not
i want you to the point that it overflows, that it melts.
you get on the taxi without even making promises,
you only wave your hands...

(repeat *)






※君の声も その細い肩も
その瞳も 僕のものじゃない
どんなに 傍にいても…
君の未来 壊さない限り
この想いを 叶えることは出来ないよ
ひとときの夢 痛いほど好きなのに



抱きしめたい 抱きしめていたい
だけど君は 僕のものじゃない
歪(いびつ)な 心が今…
抱きしめたい 抱きしめちゃいけない
溢れるほど 溶けるほど 求めているのに
タクシー止めて 約束も交さずに


have your own from here, but it is better to buy the whole album and show your support.

innocent 色男 (that's me) for the romanization and translation for the japanese lyrics
nightdreams @ imeem



  1. bilib na ko nimo innocent.. wow!

  2. ahahaha kopya ko ha.. eheheh.. paspasa na imong english translation.. para i apil nko sa post! :D

  3. ahaha congratulations!
    finished at last!!! :D

  4. wahahahha... my first project. wahihihi

  5. truly a commendable work..(and because of the fact na its for dbsk.hahaha)