March 29, 2009

super junior must-see in star king 20090328

back to super junior after a hiatus of 2 weeks. still no kibum after 2 weeks though. haven't received any promotion pay after 2 weeks. but this is a must see video taken in StarKing. so let us start.

leeteuk was really fun to watch and he flustered bright red too. siwon got special attention. and they all danced at the end. but you know what, i must give my bow to these girls. great vocals and great playing ability. look good in white too. enjoy and appreciate korean traditional music. 

next video is for donghae lovers.

if you are not that satisfied with the above trick, then you should see the next one. the trick is really great and the execution is just perfect. see how sungmin look and act sexy (forget the last part of the video). i'm a bit surprised and the boys are too as seen from their reactions. also notice siwon's adorable expressions and gestures. and a little hug with ryeowook in there.

hope you had fun. be sure to leave your footprints in the comments section.

majimeboy @ youtube
GemieSJ @ youtube



  1. ahaha saw this!!
    love siwon, sungmin, donghae!!!!
    my top three!!! yay!! :D

  2. siwon's reaction is priceless especially during sungmin's magic trick!!! ahahahah